For The Past Year A Woman Has Lived In Her House With A Giant spider


An enormous unwelcome houseguest has been staying with Annette Gray these days in her Australian home.

Charlotte is her name. She is a huge spider that stumbled inside one day and chose to remain.


According to Gray’s son, Jake, Charlotte is a huntsman spider — a species that can grow quite large but are actually pretty friendly. When left alone, huntsman spiders pose no threat to people. And that’s the approach Jake’s mom’s taken toward Charlotte, letting her be.

“We’ve watched [Charlotte] grow over the last year or so,” Jake told The Dodo. “[She] never bothered us. She moves about the house, pops up room to room, eats all the bugs.”

Evidently, Charlotte has been pretty busy with that activity.


Jake stated, “She is around 15 centimeters wide. That is nearly 6 inches.

Later, in an online comment, Annette wrote, “I think Charlotte is becoming bigger.

Some of the Grays’ family and friends have jokingly proposed that the house be set on fire in order to get rid of Charlotte because of the spider, which has made quite a fuss. However, Annette is lucky in that she understands what it takes to be a good host, even to spiders who moved in.

She said in a letter, “I don’t kill them. “Charlotte is safe.”

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