Unexpected Deer Visit to Famous Friend Who Raised Him As A Baby


Meet Oakley, a cute deer with influential pals. Although he is currently developing into a self-reliant buck, Oakley initially need some assistance to learn how to take care of himself.

As a result, Oakley made the finest decision to pay a visit to his dear pal.

Oakley required particular attention as a newborn fawn since he couldn’t live in the wild by himself. Fortunately, the 45-acre Hiram, Georgia, home of country artist Travis Tritt and his wife, Theresa, spotted Oakley and swore to care for him until he recovered.

The message said, “I had not seen him in years until he crept up behind me while I was strolling my property tonight. He certainly recognized me and understood that I posed no threat. Nature is wonderful!

Tritt can be seen showering Oakley with affection in the footage.

That youngster is good, Tritt remarks. You’re still a baby, right?

Oakley expresses his appreciation by letting Tritt pet him, even giving Tritt a tender lick on the arm. The two obviously have a unique relationship.

Oakley first showed up on Tritt’s porch in August 2021.

“This little guy was hanging with me while I had my morning coffee today,” Tritt said in a previous Instagram post. “My wife named him Oakley. So cute!”

Oakley still has vivid memories of the helpful people who saved him more than a year ago. What a lovely way to express gratitude.

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