When He Sees His Favorite Person The Donkey Cries With Happiness


Dominic is a cute young donkey that adores nothing more than being with his closest buddy in the entire world.

He might not be able to express that verbally, but he can surely demonstrate it.


Dominic, who was rescued as a baby, now lives on a family farm with Sophie Hodgson. There, he gets plenty of love and attention, something he simply can’t get enough of.

“He’s my best friend,” Hodgson told The Dodo. “We always spend time cuddling and wrestling, which is his favorite thing.”

Recently, however, Hodgson spent about a week away for work — and Dominic clearly missed her so much.

Upon returning to the farm, and calling out her donkey’s name, Hodgson received the cutest greeting.

Dominic cried out with joy and then came running:

@_soph.xox._ Haven’t seen my boy in about a week, you could say he was excited 🥰 #farm #TodayILearned #fyp #foryoupage #donkey #buddy ♬ original sound – Sophie Hodgson

The jubilant donkey wasn’t the only one having a good time: Hodgson remarked, “I’m always just as delighted to see him as he is me.”

Even though it was only a quick moment, it said a lot about the love that creatures like him have in their hearts.

Hodgson remarked that the man “truly demonstrates how much animals can display compassion and spirit and that every life is worth protecting.”

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