Woman Protects Best Friend From Devastating Floods Using Plastic Container


Sandy, Chloe Adams’ childhood dog, and she had just a few minutes to find out how to escape the advancing floodwaters. They would have to swim from their home to a neighbor’s rooftop in order to reach safety.

Her older dog couldn’t swim since the water was chilly and had a little current.


“I was more worried [about] losing her in the water than myself,” Adams told The Dodo. “I had to find something that could safely float her across the waters.”

With flood waters quickly rising, Adams tried to use Sandy’s bed as a floatation device, but it sank. She then grabbed a plastic container big enough for Sandy to fit in, but that began sinking, too.

As time ran out, she found a couch cushion and shoved it underneath the container to keep Sandy afloat while she swam through the floods to the nearest rooftop where she could pull herself and Sandy out of the water.


Adams and Sandy spent the next five hours stuck on the rooftop — in the cold rain and still-rising floods — waiting to be rescued.

“I held Sandy in my lap the entire time and put the plastic container over her to keep the rain off of her,” Adams said.


Adams’ uncle eventually used his kayak to rescue the two survivors. At Adams’ grandmother’s house, they are now secure while they recuperate from the horrible event. However, they are overjoyed to be together.

Adams remarked, “When going through anything difficult, we console each other.” “She rests her head on my lap knowing I’m in pain, and I [am] there to comfort her and tell her it’s OK.”

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